DUSISDrake University Shared Information System (Des Moines, IA)
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Toms Dusis, 27, of North Street, Stoke Heath, admitted drink-driving in Stoney Stanton Road (breath 95, limit 35).
The Dayabhaga (9.29) introduces Manu 9.179 as follows: sudrasya punar aparinitadasyadisudraputrah ..., which, in Colebrooke's translation, reads: "But the son of a Cudra, by a female slave or other unmarried Cudra woman..." Even though this translation was accepted as correct by a Full Bench of the Calcutta High Court, (48) Jimutavathana actually intended to say: "the son of a sudra by an unmarried dasi or by other dusis." Medhatithi clearly distinguishes between a dasi and a dasi "connected with a dasa" (dasyam dasasambandinyam va dasyam).