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DUSTDid You See That?
DUSTDifferent URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) with Similar Text
DUSTDual Use Science and Technology (program)
DUSTDifferential Unitary Space-Time
DUSTDemand, Utility, Scarcity and Transferability (elements of value)
DUSTDrive Up Simulated Testbed (Patriot)
DUSTDiction, Usage, Structure, Tense
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By which means, or by others, he grew rich as a Dust Contractor, and lived in a hollow in a hilly country entirely composed of Dust.
A few shrivelled and blackened vestiges of what had once been stuffed animals, desiccated mummies in jars that had once held spirit, a brown dust of departed plants: that was all
The dust in the curtains, if you will pardon me for hinting such a thing, has parched my throat to a crisp.
I've been in the tunnel every day while it was being built, but I never noticed any dust before.
Marry, it has been dusted enough already," replied Robin; "and I now believe the Scripture saying that all men are but dust, for it has sifted me through and through and lined my gullet an inch deep.
The dust always hung motionless above the buzz of talk that came from the resting troops.
they know well how to grind corn small, and make white dust out of it.
Then round the corner of the lane, from between the villas that guarded it at its confluence with the high road, came a little cart drawn by a sweating black pony and driven by a sallow youth in a bowler hat, grey with dust.
A sudden breeze caught up some of the dust and whirling it around let it fall.
The mender of roads went home, with the dust going on before him according to the set of the wind, and was soon at the fountain, squeezing himself in among the lean kine brought there to drink, and appearing even to whisper to them in his whispering to all the village.
I stopped, and looked at the dust and ashes, at the broken crockery and the old iron.
A messenger was despatched half a day's journey before us, to give the king notice of my approach, and to desire, "that his majesty would please to appoint a day and hour, when it would by his gracious pleasure that I might have the honour to lick the dust before his footstool.