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In the meanwhile let it be fully understood that I shall not neglect bringing the grindstone to bear, nor yet bringing Dusty Boffin's nose to it.
Mowgli, who had never known what real hunger meant, fell back on stale honey, three years old, scraped out of deserted rock-hives--honey black as a sloe, and dusty with dried sugar.
Bagheera looked along his ragged, dusty flank and whispered.
The beaten tracks of the deer and the pig, all heading toward the river, had striped that colourless plain with dusty gullies driven through the ten-foot grass, and, early as it was, each long avenue was full of first-comers hastening to the water.
Fans of the first film will recall how humble crop-dusting plane Dusty Crophopper made it big in the world of competitive racing.
Both films focus on an underdog who dreams of competing in a race that he is not expected to complete, and Theo and Dusty both draw on such traits as honour, trust, courage and bravery to overcome obstacles in their quest.
The southern coastal area, namely the City of Tyre and its surroundings, also had its share of dusty winds coupled with a lot of sand; thus, hindering the work of fishermen, who expected muddy rain during the night, NNA correspondent in Tyre reported.
Born Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien in Hampstead, London on April 16, 1939 and nicknamed Dusty because of her tomboy ways, she went on to join The Lana Sisters and The Springfields before embarking on a phenomenally successful solo career in 1963.
I opened the truck door while Dusty growled and snapped at me, as we played a game of "Who wants to be alpha male." I won, but Dusty has never forgiven me.
There are many reports on the formation and propagation of DASW in dusty plasma.
Even by virtue of its subject matter, Dusty! Queen of the Postmods is unusual: there are just not very many well-considered books on female popular singers around.
She then married Charles William Dusty, a World War I veteran.