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DUSTYDigital Underground Storytelling for Youth
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In the meanwhile let it be fully understood that I shall not neglect bringing the grindstone to bear, nor yet bringing Dusty Boffin's nose to it.
Bagheera looked along his ragged, dusty flank and whispered.
The beaten tracks of the deer and the pig, all heading toward the river, had striped that colourless plain with dusty gullies driven through the ten-foot grass, and, early as it was, each long avenue was full of first-comers hastening to the water.
A team of astronomers led by Guillem Anglada (Institute of Astrophysics of Andaluda, Spain; not to be confused with Guillem Anglada-Escude, Proxima Cen b's discoverer) pointed the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) at Proxima Centauri for more than 20 hours, revealing the presence of a dusty ring around the star.
Dusty and Brad pick him up at the airport, and the former couldn't be less ecstatic.
Now, defender Asa has decided it's time Dusty was brought to heel - and taken the unofficial mascot to the Dogs Trust Dog School in Kenilworth.
Two or three years later I was having some electrical work done in my shop and the fellow doing the work brought Dusty along one day to help with a sticky bit of wiring.
Partially cloudy skies and a dusty weather are expected to prevail on Tuesday, with a slight drop in temperatures, setting back to their annual average.
Dusty Groove started as an e-commerce music retailer in the spring of 1996.
Pizza power couple and owners of Dusty Knuckle, Phill Lewis and Deb Noyes, are converting an urban space in Canton into an edible courtyard growing a range of produce including parsley, sage, coriander and many of the other herbs used to top its hand-made pizzas.
Jean Westwood, 78, was married to songwriter Mike Hawker when he penned the 1963 smash hit that shot Dusty to worldwide fame.
Dubai: Forecasters say there are chances of heavy showers over some areas and light rain over Fujairah and Jebel Jais on Monday, while the rest of the country will either be partially cloudy or dusty.