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DUTDevice Under Test
DUTDutch (language)
DUTDurban University of Technology (Durban, South Africa)
DUTDiplôme Universitaire de Technologie (French University Graduation in Technology)
DUTDelft University of Technology
DUTDaily Ultimate Training (exercise routine)
DUTDalian University of Technology (also seen as DLUT)
DUTDesign Under Test
DUTDual Use Technology
DUTDutch Harbor, AK, USA - Dutch Harbor (Airport Code)
DUTDelta Universal Time
DUTDuplication Technician, Photolithography (US Navy)
DUTDown Under Truckin' (Australia)
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When measuring the DUT, the ambient noise is first canceled, then the site correction factor is applied.
Angles with primes are used to describe the rotation of the gimbal and DUT relative to the gravitational field.
The high values reported for DUT 1, DUT 2, MK 1 and MK 2 corroborates with the presence of broad H-O-H bands whereas the comparatively lower mass loss in Ediki samples (Fig.
Third, different DUTs result indifferent probe impedances, raising difficulties for analysis; there are fewer effects on the impedance of a CPW feed-line when the medium or the dielectric constant is different [23], and potentially less error when the DUT or the medium between the loop and feed-line is different.
To develop a suitable measurement model for the direct comparison transfer with an adaptor before the DUT while the reference standard is alternatively connected to a splitter/coupler directly (the calibration scenario in Figure 1(b)), signal flow-graphs, as shown in Figure 2, are used together with the non-touching loop rules [9] as reported in [4].
Protecting the DUT. The device-under-test site (or sites) is the most important area of the load board.
The TDR sends a step stimulus to the DUT, and, based on reflections from the DUT, the designer can deduce a lot of information about its properties such as location of failures, DUT impedance and time delay, and can generate an eye diagram for the system (1).
* Checking that the DUT's outputs corresponding to inputs stimuli are in concordance with the specifications of the DUT
The builder chose the Dalian University of Technology (DUT) with 16,000 students enrolled at Dalian, Liaoning Province.
At large measurement offsets, the device under test (DUT) noise floor can be too close to the instrument's noise floor for a low noise DUT.