DUTEDundee University Temporary Employees (UK)
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Merlin said tut tens en ad l'um puis dute, of Arthur--if I read e dutera, co crei, tut dis, aright--that his end should se il est morz u il est vis.
While some of these have what have been called tori or pseudotori (Dute & Rushing, 1987; Rabaey et al.
Timothy, his father Dute and other family members arrived in Ore Creek (now' Brighton), Livingston County, Michigan in July 1837 after traveling from Livonia, Livingston County, New York.
Twenty eight per cent of motorists said they would move to a car with a lower CO2 emission rating to cope with potential changes in road dute, 6 per cent of respondents said environmental considerations were an influencing factor in their most recent car purchase - this is up from 4 per cnet last year and 2 per cent in 2006.
1150)); 'Nen avoit dute de nul hume; | Kar sun frere fu riche e baud' (Adgars Marienlegenden, ed.
Michael Dute -- Guided Imagery Design & Productions
One mechanism by which these functions are accomplished is found in conifers, Ginkgo and Ephedra (Dute et al.
One particular type of pit membrane consists of a thin, water-permeable, fibrillar component (margo) encircling a central, impermeable thickening referred to as a torus (Dute and Elder 2011).
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Each pit pair consists of a permeable pit membrane inserted between two pit borders, each with an aperture (Dute et at, 2001).