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DUVDeep Ultraviolet
DUVDeutscher Universitäts Verlag (German: German University Publishers)
DUVDeutsche Ultramarathon-Vereinigung (German: German Ultra Marathon Association)
DUVDaughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
DUVDesign Under Verification
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DUV laser picosecond class is different, such as the widespread YAG laser or green laser short pulses for fine processing, since a short wavelength, increasing the fineness in the processing by reducing the focused diameter it can, the minimum processing diameter 50?
In addition, DUV laser because the light energy is large, and it displays a high level of processing capability contrast to the glass material and a variety of compound semiconductor materials processing has been difficult in laser processing.
Lot 14 - DUV reticle ASM5500 4X / 5X 300 + reticles for ASM100,
Lot 15 - 4X ASM5500 DUV reticle / crosshairs 300 + 5X + for 1X masks ASM100 - 9 inches,
Lot 16 - DUV reticle ASM5500 4X / 5X reticle 300 + for 1X masks ASM100 + - + 9 inches DUV reticle ASM5500 4X / 1100