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DUVDeep Ultraviolet
DUVDeutscher Universitäts Verlag (German: German University Publishers)
DUVDeutsche Ultramarathon-Vereinigung (German: German Ultra Marathon Association)
DUVDaughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
DUVDesign Under Verification
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(v) Using a unified description language, Haskell, for describing the DUV, its verification expressions (assertions), and RTR structures.
300 nm at D = 70 nm [9], which means it is difficult to generate SPR at DUV wavelengths with Al NPs fabricated with standard lithography techniques [15].
der Verordnung vom 10 Januar 2001 uber das Inverkehrbringen von Dungern (Dunger-Verordnung, DuV) [online], [cited 26 January 2016].
The picosecond class DUV laser has a shorter wavelength than the short pulse YAG or green lasers commonly used in micromachining products.
Till recent times, photolithography equipment used deep ultraviolet (DUV) light sources, which generate wavelength in the range of 248 nm-193 nm for manufacturing semiconductor devices.
Solving a problem that's vexed the public relations and marketing measurement world for years, Blue Marble Enterprises has introduced DUV Hunter, the first tracking tool for estimating daily unique visitors (DUVs) to specific websites.
So, when French company, Devialet (Duv - e - a -lay), first showed up in the Philippines, audiophiles heard, seen and lauded a product that is like a billboard chart-topper.
Comparison of Neem oil solution with malathion and actellic in relation to the efficacy against flour beetles, Tribolium castaneum (H.) and Tribolium confusun (DUV.) Infesting stored sunflower seeds.
This technology called as extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) is capable of providing resolution below 30 nm that had been impossible with conventional optical lithography utilizing deep ultraviolet (DUV) light sources with wavelengths of 248 nm or 193 nm.
Parlux Fragrances duv. Perfumania Holdings, Angela Budd, Global VP Marketing & Brand Development, 800-228-3489, abudd@parlux.com, P.
T Back against her own sex after finishing a close third to Vyta Du DUV Roc in a Grade Two heat Sandown earlier T this month, Tara Point had T too much class for this opposition.
This platform delivers twice the light of the previous iteration, the 2910, enabling the use of a new deep ultraviolet (DUV) wavelength band.