DUVASDerivative Ultra-Violet Absorption Spectrometer
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Wi-Fi Solid state (CO, N[O.sub.2], 2008[15] [O.sub.3]) 15 Ma Y et.al Wi-Fi or DUVAS ([O.sub.3], 2008[16] ZigBee NO,N[O.sub.2], S[O.sub.2], or Others VOCs) 16 Hu S.C et.al Cellular 2009, 2011 network NDIR (C[O.sub.2]) [17 &18] (GSM) Wi-Fi or Optical analyser 17 Wong K.J et al.
KEN GORMAN (former Daily Star boxing correspondent) "LENNOX'S manager Frank Maloney and his financial team, the Duvas, were looking to put on all-British world heavyweight fight in Britain.
KATHY DUVA (boxing promoter) "MY late husband Dan was a promoter at the time and it was a very big deal.