DUWDeutsche Universität für Weiterbildung (German: German University for Continuing Education)
DUWDisk Usage for Windows
DUWDistributed Unit of Work
DUWDago Urban Wear (clothing)
DUWDial-Up Warning (posts with large files or pictures attached)
DUWDisk Usage for Windows (utility software)
DUWDexia Universal Workstation
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Nomos officially launched the DUW 4401 movement, and thus the Swing System, with the release of the Metro.
Improvements in dental equipment and infection control products and procedures have made it unlikely that oral microorganisms can be transferred from one patient to another via retraction of saliva or contaminated DUW into dental unit water lines.
The microbiological quality of DUW has been of recent concern to oral health care workers.
4,8) The role of heterotrophic bacteria in dental unit water as hazards for these patients still has not been determined, and it is possible that this problem could be approached by examination of DUW bacteria for virulence factors, which is often produced by recognized pathogens.
The potential importance of the results described in the present report are highlighted by the finding from another study that DUW is polluted by endotoxin apparently derived from Gram-negative biofilm bacteria in dental unit water lines.