DUWDeutsche Universität für Weiterbildung (German: German University for Continuing Education)
DUWDisk Usage for Windows
DUWDistributed Unit of Work
DUWDago Urban Wear (clothing)
DUWDial-Up Warning (posts with large files or pictures attached)
DUWDisk Usage for Windows (utility software)
DUWDexia Universal Workstation
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The DUW 4401 movement, the latest addition to the collection, brings something new to the company's oeuvre: an escapement that Nomos calls the Swing System.
To maximize detection accuracy and flexibility, Anritsu engineers analyzed and completely revised the design of a conventional metal detector to include multi-frequency technology as standard with the additional advancement of DuW technology.
Vietnamese nationals Huong Van Nguyen, 29, and Phung Duw Nguyen, 31, admitted producing cannabis at the "sophisticated" factory, which could have netted more than PS650,000 per crop, Newport Crown Court heard.
Duw welodd di yn blino, A gwellhad nid oedd i ti, Ei freichiau rodd amdanat, A sibrwd, tyrd ataf i.
Fideo Sain, of Penygroes, Gwynedd, who were licensed to duplicate and distribute the Pam Fi, Duw? series, must now return the master copies to S4C by Friday.
Owen, 49, writer of S4C's youth drama Pam Fi Duw? (Why Me God?) killed himself last October, a day before he was due in court to face child abuse charges.
Mae'r ffaith ei fod yn rhoi enw Duw a Nigel Farage yn yr un frawddeg yn dweud y cyfan sydd angen ei wybod amdano.
DUW YW'R BROBLEM Aled Jones Williams a Cynog Dafis (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, PS8) Dyma gyfrol i gorddi dyfroedd byd crefydd yng Nghymru, er nad hynny yw'r bwriad.
As the claims get ever more bizarre for the primacy of the Welsh language, it is only a matter of time before a scroll will be found showing the 10 Commandments were written in Welsh, and that when Moses (Aramaic for Ianto) drops a tablet, amid a cataclysmic burst of thunder a voice will be heard uttering "Duw! Duw!
fi di duw (S4C, 9.30pm) Beth fyddech chi'n ei wneud pe baech chi'n dduw am ddiwrnod?
THE alleged victims of Pam fi Duw? writer John Owen say they are ready to give evidence about the ordeal they claim they have endured.