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DUXDesign for User EXperience
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All DUX Dental Bur Blocks offer accessible storage for all types of rotary cutting instruments.
The DUX Xleep pillow manifests a new and more supportive version of the standard pillow, which is usually only filled with feathers, down or foam.
The DUX Dental Tray Cover with Secure Seal is compatible with the company's Size B Flat and Size B Divided dental trays and will stay sealed if accidentally dropped.
The DUX Pressure Feed spray guns are designed with shorter air passages, an upright handle, and fluid and air connections located at the base of the gun.
The DUX Xleep pillow includes a removable neck roll and is available in Standard, Queen and King sizes.
The campaign will culminate at the end of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when DUX Dental will donate up to $7,500 to Barbells for Boobs.
The DUX guns also improve finish quality, especially with new waterborne materials, due to low operating pressures and air volumes.
The advisory board members came together with the support of DUX Dental to think of ways we could get patients and dental professionals talking about infection control and keeping it clean at the dentist office," said Dr.
DUX manufactures each bed from start to finish, using over a mile of the finest Swedish steel to manufacture its own springs, resulting in a dynamic support system that distributes body weight evenly to maximize circulation.
Having secured early success with a direct sales force, DUX is now expanding through multiple distribution agreements, allowing us to reach out in a much more comprehensive way to all of North America with our high-quality finishing products.
8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- DUX Dental marks the beginning of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month with a donation of $11,800 to the Tracy Lane Foundation, a foundation created by Tracy Lane and her husband to help raise awareness and motivate action to eradicate cervical cancer.
Options on the DTX will be based on 1/10th of the index level while the DUX will use its full value.