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DVAGDeutsche Vermögensberatung Aktiengesellschaft
DVAGDomestic Violence Action Group (various locations)
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The central chapters cover "How the Discipline (Vinaya) Was Transmitted" ('dul ba ji ltar rgyud pa), "How the Lineage of the Kadampa [Was Transmitted]" (bka' gdams pa las ji ltar rgyud pa), "Explanation of the Lineages of the Sakyapa" (sa skya pa nas brgyud pa mams bshad pa), "The Flourishing of the Glorious Dagpo Kargyu" (dpal dvags po dkar rgyud las 'phel ba), and "How the Guru Lineage of the Glorious Kala-cakra Appeared" (dpal dus kyi 'khor lo'i bla ma brgyud pa byon tshul).
(19) Extant copies, including one in the LTWA collection (accession no.18874), are from blocks last re-carved in lHa sa in a Wood Pig year under the direction of La dvags sTag tshang sprul sku, and with the patronage of the gYu thog family, who counted Yab among their estates.
"At the border between 'Ol kha and Dvags po lies rGyal me thog thang, a residence of rGyal ba dGe 'dun rgya mtsho, and at the top [of the valley] the 'life-power lake' (bla mtsho) of dMag zor ma where different sorts of apparitions can be seen, and many other placs." (1)
It was called the La dvags kyi ag bar and was the first Tibetan-language paper produced anywhere in the Himalayas.
(54.) This the "extraordinary Great Seal" referenced by both 'Gos lo ts'a ba in his Blue Annals and Dvags po bkra shis rnam rgyal in his 16th century Great Seal manual, nges don phyag rgya chen po'i sgom rim gsal bar byed pa'i legs bshad zla ba 'od zer (translated as Mahamudra: The Quintessence of Mind and meditation).