DVAIDécoupes et Ventes d'Aciers Inoxydables (French metallurgy firm)
DVAIDeutscher Verband der Aromenindustrie (German: German Association of the Flavor Industry)
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46-47) is reminiscent of Braj descriptions of the union of man and God in the divine pair Radha and Krsna "one breath in two bodies" (eka prana dvai deha).
(DVAI) President Bernie Lichaytoo manifesting its intention to install and establish ODAS sites in the village.
According to Globe, Aw also distributed materials containing false information against the officers of DVAI, Globe and even handed a prepared but unaccomplished undertaking or affidavit with a strong request for homeowners to sign and say they are against the construction and installation of ODAS in the subdivision.