DVASDomestic Violence Advocacy Service (various locations)
DVASDeadly Viper Assassination Squad (fiction)
DVASDeaf Vermonters Advocacy Services
DVASDistrict Value-Added Specialist (education; Ohio)
DVASDyspnea Visual Analogue Scale
DVASDigital Video Acquisition System
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They are classified into AVMs, cavernous angiomas, capillary telangiectasias and DVAs. Presentation, natural history, and management approaches to CVMs depend on their type, location, size, and hemodynamic characteristics.
The pathogenesis of this condition is not completely understood, although DVAs are thought to form during intrauterine life as a consequence of abnormal embryogenetic processes.
When the primary system is subjected to random excitation with zero mean and the power spectral density as S([omega]) = [[delta].sub.0], the power spectral density functions of the absolute displacement response of the negative stiffness model and the other three typical DVAs model are
Standard compounds VAS, DVAS, and VAO were isolated previously from APP in our laboratory and were characterized by NMR and mass spectral data, and these values were compared with those in the literature.
DVAs incidence rates (number of DVAs per human population) for each town and each deer management zone were calculated for 1999 using 1990 census data and for 2000 through 2008 using 2000 census data.
The solvent extrusion (etching) technique which is very useful with rubber-thermoplastic blends generally cannot be used with DVAs because the rubber, which constitutes the major phase, is crosslinked and therefore insoluble.
If every airport where controllers vector aircraft immediately after departure had published DVAs, the obstruction standards would be clear.