DVATDelhi Value Added Tax
DVATDisaster Veterinary Assistance Team
DVATDivisional Vision Action Team (Salvation Army)
DVATDot Visual Acuity Test (child acuity test)
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Firstly, the group with definite peripheral vertigo will have positive signs with some of the following tests: Dix Hallpike test, lateral semi-circular canal (SCC) test, caloric test, HIT, and DVAT.
This shows " they have ceased to carry out any economic activity which would entitle them to be registered as a dealer under DVAT Act 2004", it added.
2004 by the Government of NCT of Delhi Note: - Agencies not registered under DVAT Act, 2004 shall submit an affidavit in original stating that their total annual turnover for works in the state of Delhi Is less than Rs.
firm for Composite work of all Taxation work of Prasar Bharati and filing of returns & other related matters of Service Tax, Income Tax & DVAT.