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DVB-HDigital Video Broadcast - Handheld (digital TV)
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The antenna without parasitic part is shown in Figure 3(a), while its performance does not cover the DVB-H band.
Within the semiconductors portfolio, SIDSA includes Enter e1, a cutting edge DVB-H demodulator and application processor chipset, available as reference designs (hardware and software) targeted at mobile devices, consumer electronics, professional reception and micro gap-fillers markets.
The company said that the new generation of NEC Transmitters (either air-cooled or liquid-cooled, with power ranging from 30 W to 12 kW) will serve TDF's strategies to enhance the geographical coverage of Digital Terrestrial TV (DVB-T standard) and to ensure rapid network deployment for Personal TV on Mobile (DVB-H standard).
This unique turnkey solution combines all the elements required for a successful mobile TV service including the service platform, a security and encryption technology, the platform for encoding into a DVB-H compatible format, the satellite delivery to terrestrial infrastructure and a very large number of TV channels with world-class content - across the major genres spanning news, music, sports, lifestyle and entertainment - which can be customized for different ethnic audiences.
The SBC contract is the second order for DVB-H broadcasting network in Europe after Digita Oy in Finland.
DVB-T and DVB-H services are becoming ubiquitous and increasing in availability on handheld devices, including cell phones and emerging portable media players, since the screens are large enough to support standard definition TV.
Under the collaboration Nokia and MiTV will implement a true mobile TV experience, based on an open DVB-H standard, enabling viewers in Malaysia to watch DVD-like quality broadcast television 'on the go'.
The largest players in the handset industry, led by top handset maker Nokia, are pushing for a DVB-H standard using broadcasting spectrum, like traditional television's UHF band, for mobile television.
Vodacom South Africa is in trials with digital video broadcasting handheld (DVB-H) technology it hopes to have ready in time for the 2010 soccer World Cup.
Broadcasting will use the European-developed Digital Video Broadcast--Handheld (DVB-H) standard, which uses ground-based transmitters to send a digital signal to mobile phones and other portable devices.