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DVB-HDigital Video Broadcast - Handheld (digital TV)
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RRD developed and managed the launch of the world's first and largest DVB-H service in Italy in June 2006 for Hutchison 3G and is actively involved in several other DVB-H trial deployments worldwide.
The new Humming-B family of DVB-H products leverages Alvand's unmatched analog expertise in high-performance video front ends for high-definition TV (HDTV) and broad portfolio of intellectual property in high-speed analog design.
By 2011, we expect to see DVB-H operating in over 50 countries.
We look forward to a great 2007 as we persist in our efforts to promote the adoption of DVB-H as the standard of choice in North America.
Beginning in 2001-2002, with the arrival of residential DVB-T set top boxes, followed by the tremendous momentum of mobile DVB-T in automotive and PC markets during the 2004-2005 period, and now with the development of personal DVB-H devices, DiBcom naturally supports these specific markets needs by increasing appropriate development forces," added Yannick Levy, chief executive officer of DiBcom.
Hiwire will deploy a digital broadcast, DVB-H-based network in Las Vegas, using UHF channels 54 and 59 and the DVB-H platform.
The Alliance applauds TIA's open, fair and transparent standards process and commends the adoption of the DVB-H specification in the form of TIA standard TIA-1105," said Yoram Solomon, President of the Mobile DTV Alliance (MDTVA) and Senior Director of Strategic Marketing and Industry Relations for Mobile Connectivity Solutions, Texas Instruments.
These guidelines are an important step towards adoption of the DVB-H for those in the North American market who want to pursue business beyond what current standards and mobile digital TV solutions can provide," said Yoram Solomon, president of the Mobile DTV Alliance, and Director of Strategic Marketing and Industry Relations for Mobile Connectivity Solutions, Texas Instruments.
Samsung is pleased to collaborate with InterVideo in developing advanced DVB-H solutions," said Dr.
The DIB7070-M mobile-oriented chipset will be DiBcom's first generation of "2 in 1" chipsets, allowing true mobile reception for personal TV equipment in cars, PCs, portable media players (PMPs) or portable LCD TVs supporting DVB-T and DVB-H standards.
Alcatel is looking forward to working with the Alliance to support DVB-H based broadcast solution on frequencies suitable for the North American market.
Building on its experience in 70 percent of the world's mobile TV DVB-H services, UDcast has developed this centralized broadcast management software in partnership with Audemat-Aztec, a globally recognized network monitoring expert.