DVB-RCDigital Video Broadcasting - Reverse Channel
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Digital broadcasting for NTL's cable system will be performed using DiviCom compression and transmission systems providing DVB-C and DVB-RC compatible television and data channels to and from the set-top box.
The DVB-SCPC VSAT system is the right solution to complement our DVB-RCS hub and terminal product line," stated Don Osborne, president of ADVANTECH Satellite Networks.
Bob Chewter, Managing Director of NSSL, said, "We have chosen STM as our maritime VSAT partner because of their commitment to DVB-RCS technology enhancements, with emphasis on new services tailored for the maritime user.
Xavier Lobao, Chairman of the SatLabs Group, said, "It is an important phase within the SatLabs Qualification Program to have Gilat, a leading VSAT provider, prove its commitment to the DVB-RCS standard by successfully completing our compliance process.
Under the agreement, Sky Catcher will use the DVB-RCS hub recently installed at Telenor's Southbury, Connecticut teleport to provide service for North America.
com/reports/c11032) has announced the addition of DVB-RCS and DOCSIS:2nd Edition Reassessing the Viability of Satellite Standards to their offering.
This capacity allows satellite providers to increase the amount of data transmitted enabling broadband over satellite services at up to 2Mbits/sec in a DVB-RCS system.
A range of DVB-RCS equipment is available today, and standards-based compliance is increasingly a requisite in many RFPs distributed to the VSAT community.
DVB-RCS (Digital Video Broadcast -Return Channel System) is an open standard for two-way communication over satellite.
This enhanced DVB-RCS VSAT offers a high performance, two-way, satellite-based solution enabling interactive Broadband IP and multicasting operations based on the DVB-RCS standard return channel.
Showcasing Acterna's unique interfacing ability for solutions that support DVB-RCS and help prevent network leakage, the demos will take place at Acterna's booth # 8-373.
There are only a handful of DVB-RCS systems in operation around the world.