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DVB-TDigital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial
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The tuner/demodulator products are intended for terrestrial and digital cable compatible TV, set-top box, and PC-DTV (personal computer-digital television) products for countries using the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) and the DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting Project-T) standards.
IP video technology leader VBrick today unveiled its new DVB-T Gateway solution, ensuring that European corporate, education and government customers can now deliver digital terrestrial TV services directly from a DVB-T source.
First of all, it does not mean that DVB-T is obsolete and that it is not a viable option to take.
In full diversity DVB-T operation, the NMI400 consumes only 400mW with an extremely low 3.
The DIB1908x-H is a multi-mode, multi-band receiver capable of demodulating DVB-T, DVB-H, T-DMB, DAB, DAB-IP and Enhanced-mode-DAB signals in VHF, UHF and L-band frequency bands.
The leading enterprise in the tuner IC field of DVB-T is Microtune, followed by Philips, Freescale and Conexant.
LAS VEGAS -- Sunplus, the leading IC supplier for consumer electronics products, today announced that its New DVB-T turnkey solution, which includes backend MPEG Decode chip SPHE1002 and front-end DVB-T QAM Demodulator Chips SPDC210/230, for DVB-T STB or Portable DTV Solution is available to the market.
New biennial report on digital broadcasting technologies covering: propagation of radio waves, analogue broadcasting techniques, spectrum management arrangements, key technical and commercial trends, distinctions between digital broadcasting for stationary video receivers, for mobile receivers and for small handheld devices, ATSC, DVB, ARIB ISDB and DVB-T, MHEG and MHP middleware, transmission standards, RDS and DirectBand, Digital Radio Mondaile, In Band On Channel HD Radio, Eureka 147, WorldSpace, Sirius and XM, MediaFlo and MBSAT 'T-DMB', P3, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.
It integrates a dual tuner, supporting both the DVB-H and DVB-T standards.
With the arrival of the new DIB7070 family of chip solutions, combining a tri-band RF tuner with a highly integrated DVB-T and DVB-H demodulator, DiBcom will provide increasingly sophisticated software stacks to adapt both DVB-T and now DVB-H receivers into different platforms, including:
With InterVideo's flexible iMobi software package and unique hardware design, multiple formats of digital TV including DVB-H, 1-Seg DTV, T-DMB and DVB-T are supported allowing a short development cycle and extensibility in the future.