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DVB-TDigital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial
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SRG-SSR currently operates more than 200 DVB-T transmitters in Switzerland.
Cheng also believes that DVB-T2 would be a better choice to support 4K/UHD services, because in comparison to DVB-T, DVB-T2 offers a number of technical enhancements, including support for SD, HD, 4K/UHD, mobile or any combination thereof.
This paper firstly aims to experimentally and analytically investigate adjacent channel interference impact on modern DVB-T receivers with MPEG4 transport stream support.
Having most popular Linear TV channels over DVB-T makes significant savings in the network utilization, for up to 80% of all video streaming traffic.
The average DVB-T power output is 150 W, representing a 25 percent increase in output power of previous devices, making it one of the highest power levels available from a single transistor for such broadcast applications.
The use of the DVB-T has advantages on analogue transmission, such as high degree of utilization of spectrum; immunity to interference and noise; use of MFN and SFN; MPEG-2 capabilities; different levels of image quality (LDTV, SDTV, EDTV, HDTV); possibility of fixed, portable and mobile reception; flexible bands: III, IV and V; and flexibility of configurations.
Harris, in cooperation with its Bulgarian dealer, New Tek, will supply 196 transmission sites with Maxivaacents UAX DVB-T air-cooled transmitters and low-power Maxiva UAX Compact Class gap filler systems with power ratings between 10W and 1kW.
Most countries are expected to follow the decision made by South Africa, the continent's broadcasting giant, which signed an agreement for DVB-T in 2006.
The company has carried out several DVB trials, both on DVB-T (terrestrial) and DVB-H (mobile TV) in countries such as Peru, Argentine, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay and Panama, with plans to lead some other DVB projects in the region later on this year.