DVBEDisabled Veteran Business Enterprises (San Diego, CA)
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This represents the highest DVBE participation level ever achieved.
This online process will dramatically reduce the time needed to certify small businesses and DVBEs for access to the bidding process.
DVBEs can take longer because of the need to validate veteran status, but the new online process speeds up the application process and reduces the amount of paperwork for them too.
The Governor's executive order directed the Department of General Services to convene five regional workshops to increase contract opportunities for small businesses and DVBEs.
Ninety-eight cents of every Office Depot contract dollar will flow through small business and DVBE vendors.
Today's announcement of a new state contract for office supplies promises unprecedented, strong participation by small business and DVBEs, while reducing costs to taxpayers by nearly half.
When I came to this department last year, one of the first things to hit my desk was a report that the State of California had fallen well short of its goals for small business and DVBE participation," said Ron Joseph, Director of the Department of General Services.
The new focus on improving small business and DVBE participation extends not only to traditional contracting, but also to the new approaches being pioneered under the California Strategic Sourcing Initiative.
G" FORCE, a consulting, engineering, inspecting, testing and staffing DVBE/SB firm headquartered in San Diego, is an active participant in the Elite DVBE Network and a customer of Security Business Bank.
Steve Espino, Security Business Bank's Executive Vice President, gave a presentation on Banking and The DVBE.
The Asian Enterprise and California DVBE Alliance awards recognize SBC's support of Asian- and disabled veteran-owned businesses, respectively.
Roberts, president of the California DVBE Alliance.