DVBSDaily Vacation Bible School
DVBSDearne Valley Business School (now Doncaster Business School; UK)
DVBSDigital Video and Broadband Solutions (telecommunications)
DVBSDigital Video Broadcast System
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However, approximately $14,000,000 of net sales were produced by the low margin components division that DVBS has closed in its consolidation.
In announcing the consolidation, Mike Meyer, Chairman and Co-Founder of DVBS, Inc.
We believe that with the addition of the superb professionals of Sirex, along with the outstanding management team which should be announced by Friday, DVBS will gain a solid opportunity to produce significant revenues for our Company and our shareholders.
Michael Meyer, Chairman of IMVC/DVBS stated, "CyberActive Technology's decision to use DVBS technology as the delivery system for their CyberPatient(TM) software further reinforces our belief that our LiveCam(TM) streaming video solution provides the best, most robust solution for high content, reliable Internet delivery with interactive capabilities and bandwidth intermediation.
Further investment information on DVBS can be obtained by contacting:
DVBS will continue to focus on the development and commercialization of streaming video, high speed web serving, network and Internet protocols that improve information technologies for voice, data, image transmission and reception over the Internet and other forms of digital communication.
IMVC issued 22,500,000 common shares to the DVBS shareholders.
DVBS is headquartered in Los Angeles and its technical team is based, as a part of the research and development area of DVBS, in the Silicon Valley.
This Letter of Intent, if consummated as presently negotiated, would result in the company acquiring the technical assets of DVBS as a wholly-owned subsidiary in a stock-for-stock exchange of 22,500,000 shares of common stock.
Goldweb and DVBS will provide expertise, and will sub-license to GI equipment and technologies including: an Afterburner Web Server, the LiveCam Producer and Video Servers, as well as the proprietary Symmetrically Distributed Server Network (SDSN).