DVCCDigital Verification Color Code
DVCCDigital Video Compression Center
DVCCDomestic Violence Coordinating Council
DVCCDigital Video Compression Corporation (Universal City, California)
DVCCDigital Verification Color Code (TDMA)
DVCCDominion Valley Country Club (housing community; Virginia)
DVCCDigital Video Community Club (UK)
DVCCDelaware Valley Citadel Club (alumni group)
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Taking into consideration the non-idealities of the active elements [31], [34] the terminal relations of DVCC can be expressed as:
ik] (for j = {1, 2} and k = {1, 2}) are the voltage and current gains of the DVCC, and [absolute value of ([[epsilon].
two DVCCs, one second generation current conveyor ([CCII-.
The proposed filter is composed from one DDCC and two DVCCs.
of Abbreviation of Internal active/ active element or subsections passive elements elements [9],[10] 3/3 OTA -- [11] 3/2 2x VCA + DT + VB -- [12] 2/4 CCII + UCC + 4 diodes -- [13] 2/4 DVCC -- [14] 2/1 MO-CTTA sCA+OTA [15] 2/1 MO-CCCDTA CDU+OTA [18] 2/1 MO-CCCCTA CCCII+OTA [21] 2/3 DO-VDBA, FB-VDBA OTA+VB+VI [22] 1/2 CG-CDVA aCA+DVCA [25] 1/3 ZC-CG-VDCC OTA+ECCII Fig.