DVCCSDeputy Vice Chancellor Corporate Services (Australia)
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Current-mode frequency filters are using different types of active elements, for example a variety of conveyors such as second-generation current conveyor (CCII) [3-5], differential voltage current conveyors (DVCC) [6], [7] and second-generation fully-differential current conveyors (FDCCI) [8], [9].
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The proposed filter is composed from one DDCC and two DVCCs. The structure also includes four passive elements, namely three resistors and two capacitors.
As the filter uses one DDCC and two DVCCs, for simulations and the experimental measurements three universal current conveyors UCC-N1B 0520 had to be used, [35].
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As a current-mode active device, the DVCC has the advantages of both second-generation current conveyor (such as large signal bandwidth, great linearity, and wide dynamic range) and the differential difference amplifier (such as high input impedance and arithmetic operation capability) [17].
of Abbreviation of Internal active/ active element or subsections passive elements elements [9],[10] 3/3 OTA -- [11] 3/2 2x VCA + DT + VB -- [12] 2/4 CCII + UCC + 4 diodes -- [13] 2/4 DVCC -- [14] 2/1 MO-CTTA sCA+OTA [15] 2/1 MO-CCCDTA CDU+OTA [18] 2/1 MO-CCCCTA CCCII+OTA [21] 2/3 DO-VDBA, FB-VDBA OTA+VB+VI [22] 1/2 CG-CDVA aCA+DVCA [25] 1/3 ZC-CG-VDCC OTA+ECCII Fig.
Another current-mode work became available with the advantage of employing two grounded components, easy for integration, and an active element in the form of a modified DVCC with a topology compatibility with CCIII as well [8].
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