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DVD-RDigital Versatile Disk - Recordable
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Pioneer has made successful recordings onto DVD-R discs using a host computer system comprised of the following components:
Maxell Medical DVD-R will have a capacity of 700 MB and will be able to store up to 700 X-rays or 550 high-resolution images.
After recording, DVD-R discs can be read at the same rate as mass-produced replicated discs, depending on the "X" factor of the DVD-ROM drive used.
Microtech's CD-R and DVD-R publishing and duplication systems have always incorporated the latest offerings from our OEM partners.
All Producer II DVD-R systems come standard with Rimage's breakthrough Everest printer for applying permanent, photo realistic artwork to DVD-R's.
Mitsui's new media release is timed with Rimage's US announcement of the industry's first DVD-R publishing system.
Ultera has signed an agreement with NewWave Technologies as a national distributor for the company's new DVD-R MultiMaster(TM), the most versatile DVD mastering solution available for short-run DVD duplication.