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DVD-RAMDigital Versatile Disc - Random Access Memory
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And, this year, sales of DVD-RAM units will grow by 116% over 2003.
Data is an organization's lifeline, and we make it our business to deliver best of breed data storage products that support the growing UNIX/Linux space, which is why we chose DVD-RAM technology as a core piece of that solution, " said Boyce McCorkle, President and CEO of Objective Data Storage.
The promise of DVD-RAM was made more feasible when the major manufacturers in the DVD Forum agreed on a standardized format before it was actually manufactured.
But unlike DVD-ROM drives, which are read-only, DVD-RAM can also read and record onto a DVD-RAM disc.
With Host Interface International, DVD-RAM discs can be formatted with standard Windows NTFS file formatting.
The convenience of being able to easily move the drive between FireWire- and USB-equipped systems, plus the high capacity of the DVD-RAM and DVD-R media, will make the new LaCie drive especially popular with creative developers and videographers.
CAPACITY: In storage capacity, single-sided DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM disks each hold up to 4.
According to the company, the addition of a DVD-RAM drive greatly enhances storage capabilities-a Kodak Digital Science CD Library 144 equipped with the new DVD-RAM drive can hold up to 420 GB of information, compared to its traditional capacity of 105 GB.
4GB DVD-RAM discs, the multifunction drive provides the familiarity of CD-R/RW.
has introduced the PowerFile Solo Writer, a $3,000 jukebox that reads/writes DVD-RAM discs, and reads CD-R, DVD-ROM, and DVD-R (Authoring).
Bell Microproducts (Nasdaq:BELM), has selected ASACA's TeraCart(R) DVD-RAM libraries to bring rewritable DVD technology to its line of high-end storage solutions.