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DVD-RAMDigital Versatile Disc - Random Access Memory
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One interesting thing about the DVD-RAM format is the ability to watch a program from the beginning of the disc while it is still being recorded, even if the program is well along.
With Ulead's Disc Direct technology, consumers can quickly capture and burn DVD-VR video in real-time to both DVD-RAM and DVD-RW media, without copying to the hard drive.
By employing DVD-RAM cartridge encased media, the Panasonic LQ-MD800 Video Recorder offers "data secure" recording.
DVD player/recorder makers have been competing with each other mainly in two groups -- one that uses the DVD-RAM format led by Toshiba and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
DVD-RAM has the best recording features of all, but is not compatible with most DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives.
Ideal as an information backup device, it's easy to create a DVD-RAM of all your data at the push of a button.
DVD-RAM, a format once aimed at computer users, has now become popular with many makers of DVD recorders.
The most incompatible of these formats is DVD-RAM.This is the oldest of the formats and used to require media encased in special plastic cartridges.
DVD-RAM is the professional format for data storage that allows adding data to a disc that already holds information without having to erase it to make the space available as with DVD-RW and CD-RWs.
As examples, Maxell offers a DVD-RAM Camcorder disc that records up to one hour of MPEG2 video or can store up to 10,000 still images in JPEG format.