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DVDRDigital Versatile Disk Recordable
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Furthermore, the system would be the cause of a thriving black market for CDRs and DVDRs "which will seriously harm honest Dutch retailers".
There are lots of 4x DVDR burners available and they are very cheap.
d/b/a Meritline, ABCInk, EZ Label, and CDR DVDR Media of City of Industry, Calif.
Prize, Sony 40ins LCD TV, Sony DVDR and Supernatural Season 2, Vol 1 DVD.
The SD-R5472 is reported to include DVDR speeds up to 16x, up to 6x on DVD-RW, 8x on DVD+RW and 48X CD-R and give customers more freedom to create feature-rich movies and music.
Colored LightScribe DVDR discs are label-compatible with all LightScribe-enabled drives.
For DVD, the driver delivers 8X DVDR on single-layer media, 4X DVD+/-R on Double-Layer and Dual-Layer (DL) media, and 5X DVD-RAM.
Verbatim/MKM DVDR discs are produced with patented Metal AZO(TM) recording layer technology which provides increased sensitivity to laser light -- the key requirement for high-speed recording.
LAS VEGAS -- BenQ, a leading manufacturer of digital lifestyle devices, today announced a new line of CDR LightScribe and DVDR media.