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DVDROMDigital Versatile Disk - Read Only Memory
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Right now, GPS systems use DVDROM to store map information.
Add to that two further discs bursting with extras including documentaries, design galleries, a Middle Earth atlas, music, exclusive DVDROM content and more - and it's an exceptional package.
Incluye unidad DVD +RW, unidad DVDROM, tarjeta de video NVidia G4 MX440 con 64MB, audio integrado preparado para sonido surround de seis canales, incluye camara Web Logitech Quick Cam Express, bocinas 5.
Of course, both the CD-RW and DVDROM drives are themselves multifunctional.
DVD playback devices can directly detect whether the media is recordable or replicated by checking the value of its optical reflectivity, which is different for DVDRAM and DVDROM media.