DVERTDomestic Violence Enhanced Response Team
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In response, DVERT invited several community partners to brainstorm potential solutions.
Taking a proactive stance, staff members carefully review all referrals to DVERT for cases of imminent danger.
First, the team's staffing unit recommends immediate interventions by the various DVERT member agencies.
At least once a week, a DVERT victim advocate contacts the victim to provide support, information, and resources.
DVERT specifically was designed to address the highest risk cases.
Expanding DVERT into rural areas of the state provides additional resources, training, and support for rural law enforcement officers investigating domestic Violence cases and enhances DVERT's network for tracking and holding DVERT offenders accountable.
As part of the DVERT program, domestic violence victims receive free legal services.
A comprehensive, multidisciplinary training program represents an important component of DVERT. Law enforcement officers study the complex nature of domestic violence cases and victim response and review departmental arrest policies.
DVERT modules cover changes to the combustion process and turbo-charging system, as well as increased use of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).
Emissions reduction measures from the DVERT portfolio include changes to the combustion process and turbocharging system, as well as increased use of EGR.
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