DVFXDigital Visual Effects
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Such a blurring of the boundaries between reality and fantasy meant that the application of CGI technologies to the classical world was perhaps inevitable, given that part of the epic film's demise has been traced to the crippling costs of physical sets, battle scenes and extras which classical settings often demanded.(26) Sure enough, at the beginning of the decade, new DVFx capabilities allowed Gladiator to use 'the power of DVFx to offer synthetically crafted but historically persuasive environments in ways that can be invaluable for establishing and maintaining the diegetic world.
It is here, then, that we see how in Rome, in particular, and the transfer of CGI and DVFx technologies from the big screen to the small screen, in general, make their biggest mark, and really do become 'not TV', but not cinema either.
The new recorders offer consumers more advanced features than previous-generation DVD recorder models, including higher-quality video with DVFX video processing.
All LG products feature DVFX enhanced video quality processing and are labeled with the DVFX logo to assure consumers that they are purchasing products with superior video recording and viewing capabilities.
DMN-8604/54 products also feature LSI DVFX processing technologies for visibly superior video quality, and YesVideo's YesDVD software for easy dubbing and indexing of personal video content.
Driving the growth of the DVD recorder market, DoMiNo processors include unique features such as the YesDVD Recorder 1.5 software and the LSI DVFX proprietary pre- and post-processing technologies, which provide advanced progressive scan output and impressive noise handling on analog inputs for visibly superior video quality.
The DMN8633/83 processors support multiple audio and video encoding and decoding formats, as well as DVD recorder features, such as DVFX video pre- and post-processing technologies for the highest-quality video; Direct Digital Dub technology that simplifies the transfer of personal digital content from a camcorder to DVD over FireWire; YesDVD intelligent software solution making the automatic editing and conversion of home video easy; and fully integrated support for USB digital cameras and Flash Cards.