DVHDose-Volume Histogram
DVHDomaine de Vens-le-Haut (French vineyard)
DVHDeath Valley High (band)
DVHDroits de Visite et d'Hébergement (French: Visitation Rights and Accommodation; family law)
DVHDe Vliegende Hollander
DVHDepartment for the Visually Handicapped
DVHDuck Virus Hepatitis
DVHDelaware Veterans Home (US VA)
DVHDivision for Visually Handicapped
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Caption: Figure 6: An example of a dose-volume histograms (DVH) of the volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy plan using 10-MV photon energy for a prostate cancer patient.
Regression analysis was used to examine relationships between DVH and the absolute and relative (ratio) values of each shell dimension.
Averaged DVH of prostate and rectal wall (RW) in the five patients with SpaceOAR (continuous lines), and five randomly selected historical cases treated with identical dose schedule (doted lines).
In the article The Placental Distal Villous Hypoplasia Pattern: Interobserver Agreement and Automated Fractal Dimension as an Objective Metric, the writers propose that, because the DVH pattern seems to be simpler than comparably developed placental villi, DVH could also correlate to lower fractal dimension.
Caption: The US Army M1126 vehicles employed in combat in Iraq, were found vulnerable to insurgent bombs prompting GDLS to develop its Double Vee Hull (DVH)[C] US Army
(14) collection versus 42 [micro]g/L single fasting SV (g) SV fasting "overnight": 43 "overnight" collection [micro]g/L versus single fasting DV fasting "overnight": 43 DVh "overnight" [micro]g/L collection 24-hour: 76 [micro]g/day, 53 [micro]g/L SV fasting "overnight": 50 [micro]g/L DV fasting "overnight": 45 [micro]g/L Vanacor 24-hour collection 24-hour: 292 [micro]g/day et al.
(OvH, DvH, KR, IK, AS, K-GH) Department of Zoology II, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nurnberg, Erlangen, Germany.
- Harlequin Beads and Jewelry, 1027 Willamette St., presents the work of David Horste of DVH designs, a custom lapidary source for designer focal beads and cabochons.
Two of the brigades are already upgraded to DVH, while a third should be fully equipped by the end of fiscal 2016.
Dose convolution factor and P+ can be calculated in MATLAB platform with SABER (Spatial And Biological Evaluation of Radiotherapy) program that uses the spatial DVH concept [10].