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Architect David Gast, of Dvid Gast and Associates of San Francisco, desiged the addition.
Wing L Dvid & Rebecca M, 38477 McKenzie Highway, Springfield; Cooler Room Addition For Mather's Market; $28,275.
He added that the image posted on Dvids has allegedly been taken during a US operation to support Kurdish fighters' advance with artillery fire.
The removal of Rehan and Mehsud degrades Al Qaeda's ability to fund and direct TTP and other extremists throughout Paktika and the surrounding areas, the DVIDS said.
Indo-Pacific Command have announced their participation in Exercise Khaan Quest 2019, scheduled to be held at the Five Hills Training Area, Mongolia on June 14-28, the DVIDS reported.
According to the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS), PALS is a gathering of senior leaders of over 20 allied and partnered militaries from across the Indo-Pacific to discuss "amphibious operations, with the objective of maintaining and developing regional relationships and having a meaningful dialogue on key aspects of amphibious operations, capability development, crisis response and interoperability." Taiwan Maj.
Department of Defense, "Musab al-Zarqawi, Yusufiyah (April 2006)," DVIDS, released May 4, 2006.