DVIPADynamic Virtual Ip Addressing
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For example, as a parallel to the Middle Indo-Aryan word dipa in the Dhamrnapada, "the Sanskrit Uditnoarga has dvipa 'island', but the Chinese version has 'lamp', showing that it is based upon a Sanskrit version which had dipa 'lamp--(quoted from Norman 2006: 131).
First mentioned in a first-century Greek navigational guide, Socotra is as ancient as it is incredible, and it derives its name from the Sanskrit dvipa sukhadhara, meaning "island of bliss."
In the Chinese, the names of Valmiki and Dvaipayana do not appear in phonetic transcription, but in literal translation: valmiki "of a termite hill (valmika)" (91) finds its correspondent in gaofeng [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "high peak," a considerably larger hill, it would seem; and dvaipayana "of an island (dvipa)" (92) in the entirely literal rendering zhouzhu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "island." (93)