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DVLDamn Vulnerable Linux (software troubleshooting)
DVLDoppler Velocity Log
DVLDigital Video Link
DVLDigital Visual Literacy (education)
DVLDefense Virtual Library
DVLDriver and Vehicle Licencing
DVLDirect Voice Link
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While we are thankful to our vendors and customers for making DVL successful," said Mike Beck, CEO of DVL, "the real story is our employee ownership culture that makes us a Great Place to Work.
DVL is proud of our extensive and sustained client relationships and contributions to the region.
Passthru" mode is a dead reckoned solution using self contained AHRS data that is inherently robust and reliable when combined with DVL data.
For complete information on the TeraCart DVL systems, visit the ASACA website at http://www.
DVL greets 2012 with organizational changes and celebration for being named one of the Best Places to Work in PA --
We are glad to be able to work with him again, and to welcome his marketing expertise and his clients to DVL.
Energy efficiency, the foundation of our services and solutions to maximize data center performance, is the focal point of the conference," says DVL Chief Executive Officer Mike Beck.
To learn more about how DVL merges its innovative "Strategy First" technique with quality solutions to build dynamic data centers, visit www.
But when the DVL A wrote to McArevey's brother at his home in Shropshire, informing him that the licence was no longer valid he wrote back saying he had no knowledge of the speeding offence and as far as he was concerned had lost the licence some time ago.
So, if you like retro but with a bit of digital fizz, you'll love JVC's GR-DVL920, the newest update to the high-band DVL range.
will show new DVL and DJL lines of portable dryers, each in sizes from 12 to 120 lb/hr.
The variety of virtual desktop solutions, coupled with Devon IT's DVL, is a potent combination that makes it easy for IT managers to evaluate, assess, and ultimately implement their own virtualized desktop environments.