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DVLCDriver and Vehicle Licensing Centre
DVLCDiamond Valley Learning Centre (Australia)
DVLCDungeness Valley Lutheran Church (Sequim, WA)
DVLCDriver Vehicle Licensing Center (Swansea)
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I passed my driving test at 17, twice voluntarily surrendered my licence to DVLC after attacks - before they took it off me - and I got it back.
Despite pleas to the DVLC to grant me use of the number plate it was a case of no bike, no number plate.
Most worrying of all was that Macrae had been tailed for months by two men in acar with a registration number unlisted at the DVLC in Swansea - in other words, an MI5 motor.
"In the 1960s the Government decided to bundle all the vehicle licensing offices in the UK with all their different systems into one computerised centre at what was the DVLC in Swansea.
This seemed to me to be an appropriate time to apply for one of those newfangled plastic things and I duly paid my pounds 17.50 to the DVLC.
It is believed his employers at ISS Facilities Services had fielded the various PIN notices and sent them back to the DVLC quoting Boland as the driver.
(These ratings had been made by an earlier, representative sample of drivers drawn from DVLC records; see Corbett and Simon 1991).
The registered owner must reply to a DVLC inquiry within two weeks, or lose the vehicle.
and the Driver and Vehicles Licensing Agency (DVLC).
DVLC bureaucrats won't let him near his top of the range club Honda until THEY see every spit and cough on his medical reports.
1989 'The DVLC and technological change: One time failure, long-term success'.
On changing vehicles, it would be a simple matter of changing your plate over and informing the DVLC of the vehicle details.