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DVLCDiamond Valley Learning Centre (Australia)
DVLCDungeness Valley Lutheran Church (Sequim, WA)
DVLCDriver Vehicle Licensing Center (Swansea)
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4 In this public service commercial by the DVLC, the flying car was spotted by a spy camera - and its road tax had run out.
Bassist Richard Cotterill, aged 24, works at DVLC in Shrewsbury and drummer Chris Lowe is a rose grower.
When he was nineteen he got a job at the DVLC and a room in a house in Norfolk Terrace.
Instead, they get information that's already available at the DVLC and from the Mickey Mouse train and bus systems that make travelling by public transport a bit of a nightmare.
The DVLC charged fees for car inquiries, but they could take months, said Mr Jones.
At Honeysuckle Court, Morriston, Swansea, a 21-home development conveniently located off Clasemont Road close to the DVLC, you will find the Monkwood three-bedroom home which also features as the fullyfurnished showhome.
Michael, 36, from Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, was turned down for a bank account because he his driving licence was with the DVLC and he hasn't got a passport.
Finally, having lived in the same house for three-and-a-half years, and having had four different cars registered at this address, as well as this being the address on my driving licence, a quick police check with the DVLA or DVLC would put them at my door before you could say "Thin Blue Line".
Also featured on this site, close to the DVLC, is the Monkwood three-bedroom house, which is also the development's fully-furnished showhouse.
This is not to be confused with DVD ("digital versatile disc"), DTi (the department responsible for implement-ing DVB labelling) or DVLC (some place in Swansea that dishes out driving licences).
Imagine DVLC issuing smartcard driving licences and renting space for all the vehicle breakdown services.