DVLSDelaware Volunteer Legal Services
DVLSDigital Video Library System (software)
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ANSs might include INSs fitted with advanced-inertial-measurement-unit components, DVLs, and advanced computing systems.
Changes in DVLs have been reported in various tumor types, including lung, prostate, breast, cervical squamous cell carcinoma, and gliomas [53-58].
In the presence of Wnt ligands, phosphorylated DVL is recruited to the plasma membrane, where it interacts with Frizzled receptors and polymerizes with other DVL molecules.
Since Dvl proteins have been attributed a central position in the Wnt signaling, their inclusion and roles in tumor formation have been under intensive investigation.
The dynamics of DVL localization is regulated by its two sequences: nuclear localization signal (NLS) and nuclear export signal (NES) which are responsible for protein shuttling into and out of the nucleus [29-31].
Also unique to ASACA DVLs is the innovative robotics head that flips for fast access to both sides of 9.4GB DVD-RAM media.
ASACA's TeraCart DVL systems are available for immediate delivery.
[38] proposed a real-time loop scheduling algorithm called dynamic voltage loop scheduling (DVLS).