DVMADirect Virtual Memory Access
DVMADiablo Valley Mustang Association (Concord, CA)
DVMADelaware Veterinary Medical Association (also seen as DEVMA)
DVMADelaware Valley Medieval Association
DVMADelay Variation Multicast Algorithm
DVMADevelopmental Mathematics
DVMADirect Virtual Memory Address
DVMADark Violet Metallic A (Yamaha paint color)
DVMADelaware Valley Marketing Association
DVMADelaware Valley Mopar Association (Thorndale, Pennsylvania)
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All these algorithms (DDVCA [6], DVMA [5] and AKBC [35]) are only applied in the symmetric network environment that has no direction.
The development that the DVMA hopes to spur could reach every sector of the economy--from manufacturing to education--and transform the Philadelphia region into a hub for inexpensive, clean, domestic energy and related goods and services.
RasterVideo-MPEG uses SBus DVMA (Direct Virtual Memory Access) to minimize impact on the system CPU, even on older SPARC configurations, such as SPARC 2 and SPARC Classic.