DVNSDa Vinci Network Services (Oklahoma City, OK)
DVNSDeeply Virtual Neutrino Scattering (paper by Paolo Amore, Claudio Coriano, Marco Guzzi)
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The appeal of the DVN model is that it will produce superior market valuations for companies that embrace it.
The DVN relies on this consumer-centric approach to business.
Some infomediaries may elect to organize the demand side (or buyers of a product or service) within a DVN; others may elect to organize the supply side, or sellers in the network.
Moreover, premature attempts to launch a DVN could, in fact, be a recipe for disaster - especially if the basic infrastructure requirements for success are not yet in place.
A successful DVN therefore must be carefully crafted by adopting an evolutionary strategy.
A digital value network (DVN) isn't created overnight, and you can't put the business on hold while you fill the whiteboards with your "master plan." Moving from business as usual to a digital value network can and must be done in a way that supports and enhances your current business model while moving you incrementally in the right direction.