DVRPCDelaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
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The Delaware County Community Transit service provides medical assistance transportation and represents one of the many of the community-based organizations that fall within the ETA program spearheaded by the DVRPC (see Figure 2).
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Com - mission (DVRPC).
DVRPC's Graff says, "The Transportation Climate Change Sensitivity Matrix is an excellent compendium of information that summarizes the climate stressor/ infrastructure relationships for multiple climate stressors and types of infrastructure.
(535) The DVRPC attempts to encourage development to take advantage of existing infrastructure and avoid disruption of sensitive rural areas.
The DVRPC is an example of new regionalism at its best.
says Alison Hastings, senior environmental planner at the DVRPC, who works on food-systems issues: "Urban planning thinks comprehensively, but it's always implemented on the local level ...
The sign management program was enthusiastically endorsed by DVRPC. The FHWA awarded a $1.6-million grant to the Camden County Freeholder Board.
When an Ozone Action day is forecast, employers, the media and DVRPC spread the news, asking people to take cost-efficient, voluntary actions to reduce emissions by using transit or car pooling to work, refueling cars in the evening when the sun is down, and postponing lawn mowing with gas-powered mowers.
Additional information about the Ozone Action Program, as well as printed materials are available by calling DVRPC at 215/592-1800.
"But any product can be made better, and PBCAT is no exception," says DVRPC's Madera.
According to Madera, DVRPC used PBCAT 1.0 to type bicycle crashes that occurred from 1996 through 2001 in the part of Philadelphia known as University City.