DVRSDigital Voice Recording System
DVRSDivision of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
DVRSDigital Video Recording System
DVRSDigital Voice Recorder System
DVRSDecontamination and Volume Reduction System (Los Alamos National Laboratory; Los Alamos, NM)
DVRSDigital Vehicular Repeater System
DVRSDubai Virtual Reference System (United Arab Emirates)
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Supply and support of ruggedised/HD/Air cleared displays, DVRs and VMUs over a 5-year period (and up to a further 5 x 1 years support) to support several RW/FW platforms
At the end of the polling day, the district administration and the election commission staff had taken the DVRs from the institutions as a record of the polling activity for the day.
None of them offered DVR functionality, and I was completely in love with the DVR experience.
He also said that police confiscated DVRs to present before JIT for further investigation.He said that the owners should not be worried as their material will be returned soon after the completion of the investigation.
This new series will give choice to the end users to select a combination of cameras and DVRs as per their needs with plug and play convenience.
HRGX Performance Series DVR: The HRGX embedded digital video recorder is part of Honeywell's Performance Series lineup of feature-rich cameras and DVRs providing affordable video surveillance solutions for a wide range of everyday security applications.
He informed that under the DVRS system, number plates of vehicles would be provided by the dealers who will deposit registration fee and number plate fee in National Bank themselves and would maintain record of vehicles by computerizing themselves and the approved number plates would be provided to purchasersowner of the vehiclesmotorcycles.
Of late, the discount percentages of DVRs have also seen higher volatility.
He addresses computers, printers, TVs and TV programming, DVRs and Tivos, home movie theaters, surround sound, remote controls, internet-connected TVs, home networks, home phones, light bulbs, iPads and tablets, iPods, iPhones and Android phones, iCloud, car technologies, satellite radio, and HD radio.
"We create everything to be as real as possible," he says, "especially knowing a lot of the viewers are very tech-savvy, and they're going to be stopping their DVRs and reading what's on the Post-It notes, or on the computer screens--and analyzing the algorithms we talk about.
It is pin-compatible to Peregrine's PE42750 and is designed to support higher data rates in CATV applications, including CATV signal switching and distribution, DTV, multi-tuner digital video recorders (DVRs), and set-top boxes.
Five industrial designers working on TiVo's DVRs have been laid off, while two engineers remain to support the installed base of hardware products, according to a report that cites sources within TiVo.