DVTSDigital Video Transport System
DVTSDynamic VTH (Threshold Voltage) Scaling
DVTSDesign Validation Test Site
DVTSDiscrete-Valued Time Series
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The number of positive DVTs for 2009-2013 as a percentage of the admissions was 0.17%, compared to 0.16% for 2014, which was not statistically significant (p = 0.930).The number of positive CUS results as a percentage of the total number of CUS request forms for 2009-2013 was found to be 20.2% (n = 133/657).
While no DVTs or PEs were identified in either group, 29 patients (17%) experienced a complication.
But any procedure that requires prolonged bed rest also puts you at risk for a serious condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
The lower left side predominance of the DVTs suggests that women who develop DVT while on oral contraceptives might benefit from early endovascular stenting to relieve compression of the left common iliac vein, according to Dr.
The deep venous thrombosis (DVT) rate falls from 35% without prophylaxis to 12% when surgical oncology patients are given heparin, according to Dr.
Dutch scientists believe deep vein thrombosis (DVT) - dubbed economy class syndrome - may also be related to the low pressure and low oxygen environments of aeroplanes flying at altitude.
Experts can't agree on whether or not DVT affects only those on long-haul flights.
Pulmonary emboli were found in 91 of the 541 patients (17%), and DVTs were detected in 45 of the 541 (8%).
Nine factors were significantly related to the postoperative development of DVTs in our study.
The American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) says that LMWH prophylaxis reduces the risk of asymptomatic DVTs and is standard of care in Europe.