DVUDeutsche Volksunion (German Peoples Union)
DVUDual Volume Unit
DVUDivide Unsigned
DVUDivision des Véhicules Utilitaires (French: Commercial Vehicles Division)
DVUDomestic Violence Unit
DVUDirect Vision Urethrotomy (urology)
DVUDigital Voice Unit
DVUDriver-Vehicle Unit
DVUDahlia Vereniging Utrecht (Dutch: Dahlia Society of Utrecht; Utrecht, Netherlands)
DVUDiscovery Valley Utility (San Marcos, CA)
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Following the acquisition, DVU can pursue its growth strategy, while maintaining focus on successful student outcomes and students' ability to achieve their career goals.
Para efeito ilustrativo, considera-se: PVu = 300 unidades monetarias; CVu = 200 unidades monetarias; DVu = 20 unidades monetarias; e um PE igual a 13.750 unidades.
The DVU 7000 is a Dual Mode Modulator that features a Universal Digital Modulator platform as well as an Analog PAL B/G Modulator.
DVU chief Gerhard Frey, told a congress in Munich: "With our combined strength, we will muck out this pig-sty."
Within Renault, X83 became the responsibility of the DVU, the Direction Vehicules Utilitaires, a specialized business unit created to improve the French auto-maker's position within the commercial vehicle market.
Meanwhile, the DVU (German People's Union) has won a growing percentage of extreme right-wing votes in states like Saxony Anhalt (13 percent) and even in Berlin suburbs like Wedding (5 percent).
Wiechmann was elected on a platform of "German Jobs for Germans" and "Foreign Bandits Out." He is one of sixteen representatives of the German People's Union (DVU), which garnered 13 percent of the vote in state elections in Saxony-Anhalt this past April.
Take, for instance, the economic background to the electoral success of the German People's Union (DVU) in the April 1998 elections for the east German parliament of Saxony-Anhalt.
The minority parties likely to gain are the Communist Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) and German People's Union (DVU), the Greens and the liberal Free Democrats (FDP).
The DVU sells Nazi memorabilia, war videos and leaflets denying the Holocaust ever happened - an offence under German law.
Protest votes accounted for a significant part of the support which radical right-wing parties obtained at several Lander elections in this period: the German People's Union (DVU) in Bremen (1991) and Schleswig-Holstein (1992), and the Republican Party is Baden-Wurttemberg (1992), for instance.