DVVDeutsche Vereinigung zur Bekämpfung der Viruskrankheiten eV (German: Association for the Control of Virus Diseases)
DVVDeutscher Volkshochschul Verband (German: German Adult Education Association; Bonn, Germany)
DVVDeutscher Volleyballverband (German Volleyball Federation)
DVVDownward Vertical Velocity
DVVDon Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart)
DVVDahveed's Voice and Vision (website)
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"Community or school-based adolescent violence and substance use prevention efforts...would be enhanced by considering the association between DVV and substance use."
DVV International is an organization dealing with implementation and coordination of projects in development sphere including the projects in the sphere of education development in Central Asian countries.
DVV is an international association that works in over 40 countries worldwide with the aim to foster adult education as a means to reduce poverty.
The distances are taken from the interval [[[mu].sub.d] - [n.sub.d][[sigma].sub.d], [[mu].sub.d] + [n.sub.d][[sigma].sub.d]], for example, uniformly spaced, where [n.sub.d] is a parameter controlling the span over which to perform the DVV analysis.
"The conference proved to be successful in highlighting how adult education can respond to pressing in the region issues such as high unemployment among young adults," remarked Katrin Denys, the regional director Middle East of dvv international - one of the leading organizations focusing on adult education in 40 different countries worldwide.
Driven Capital Corp (TSXV: DVV), a publicly traded exploration company, has granted stock options to a geological consultant.
For more than a decade and a half, since joining the Institute of Nepalese Studies on July 10, 1971, the late Dhanavajra Vajracharya (1932-1994) (DVV, hereafter) was consistently productive, completing and publishing works on the history and epigraphy of Nepal almost every year.
(TSXV: DVV) has expanded its Kuyakuz Mountain Property adjacent to New Gold Inc.'s Blackwater Gold Project in the Nechako Plateau region of British Columbia.
(2.) Elmendorf DVV. CBO's Analysis of the Major Health Care Legislation Enacted in March 2010, Washington, DC: Congressional Budget Office, 2011, (http://www.cbo.gov/ftpdocs/121xx/doc12119/03-30-HealthCarel_egislation.pdf), accessed Oct.
German utility E.ON (ETR:EOAN) said it had today closed a transaction to sell its 20% interest in energy firm Stadtwerke Duisburg to Duisburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft (DVV) withoutA disclosing the purchase price.
Os dias de vida de vaso (DVV) de cada tratamento foram contabilizados e esse valor correspondeu a longevidade media da inflorescencia.