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DVaRDaily Value at Risk (market risk management)
DVaRDirect Video Assisted Redressal (Jasmine Wireless Inc)
DVaRDeer-Vehicle Accident Research (Iowa State University)
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Traditional BBMP activity of learning the parasha and dvar torah is, with the exception of the Reform TBI, taught privately giving the BBMPs a potentially more impactful identity forming role
Because DVAR has been found to be associated with literacy skills (Terry, in press; Terry et al.
The advantage of the DVAR with a prior on the joint steady state is that it guarantees that the growth rates are reasonable and mutually consistent in the long run, in spite of the short sample used in the estimation.
an energy technologies company, announced another order for its DVAR reactive compensation product to meet grid interconnection standards for wind farms.
You may have enjoyed a Dvar Torah from Jacqueline Osherow.
Another work of his, recalling the form of Ugav Rahel, is Dvar Shmuel, published in Cracow in 1895.
The total response is given by dVAR Pi/ds squared u={Sigma(V+Sigma y)[(V+Sigma squared)y-(Sigma-y)V]}/(V+Sigma squared)squared.
Tenders are invited for NCTPS Operation Circle O&E Division Fire Fighting Design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of NOVEC 1230 gas flooding system with new microprocessor based control panel for DVAR room of unit-I.
Other members take turns in welcoming new persons, showing participants what to do, giving the weekly dvar torah [sermon], and organizing the logistics of refreshments and flowers and anything else that has to be done.
While I was a pastor in Eugene, I invited Rabbi Husbands-Hankin to preach in the congregation I was serving (or deliver Dvar Torah, as it is know in the Jewish tradition).
Hendel, "Literature and the Idealization of Life," editorial, Dvar, 9 October 1957 (Hebrew).
By twice using the word "closed" (band) in prominent position, at the beginning of a line, Nirala has created a strong contrast with the references to "opening" in the previous stanza (kholti hai dvar, 1.