DWARDaewoo Automobile Romania
DWARDive with a Researcher (Central Caribbean Marine Institute; Cayman Islands)
DWARDuPage Women against Rape (Illinois)
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At my command, the youth leaped into one of the corridors, and in column of twos the soldiers followed him in good order, each company entering the corridor only at the command of its dwar, or captain.
As the first dwar passed in with his utan I cautioned him to listen closely for my commands, and under no circumstances to venture into the open, or leave the pits for the temple proper until I should have come up with him, "or you know that I died before I could reach you."
At length the dwar of the 10th utan took a stand beside me.
Raising my voice to its utmost, I shouted my command to the dwars ahead of me.
Suddenly I heard a cry of "fire" far ahead, followed almost at once by cries of terror and the loud commands of dwars and padwars who were evidently attempting to direct their men away from some grave danger.
In order from left to right on the line of squares nearest the players, the jetan pieces are Warrior, Padwar, Dwar, Flier, Chief, Princess, Flier, Dwar, Padwar, Warrior.
"It would mean my instant death were my heresy to be suspected in the court of Kulan Tith, but if I may serve you, Prince, you have but to command Torkar Bar, Dwar of the Kaolian Road."
At present I am Dwar of the Road for this district."
She makes nicer dolls than you, Fan; and she can wite and dwar ever so much better than Tom," cried Maud.
Earlier to Bhopal Collector Tarun Kumar Pithode, a programme called "Aapke Prashasan, Aapke Dwar" is already in place in the state and the officials were directed to visit the villagers under this programme.
In FY09, BIL bagged two new projects, Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) project and Municipal Corporation of Delhi's ,Aapke Dwar Project'.