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DWASDaily Work Activity Sheets
DWASDoctor Who Appreciation Society
DWASDance with a Stranger
DWASDartmouth Work Activity Society (est. 1980; Canada)
DWASDefense Working Capital Accounting System
DWASDark Web Attribute System (internet usage content analysis tool)
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, n} in our proposed algorithm and the DWAS are set to 1.
We first study the performance of our algorithm, the DWAS, and the CHA under different numbers of secondary users, compared with the optimum.
Later, Vice Admiral DWAS Dissanayake, called on Chief of the Naval Staff in his office, where he held detailed discussions on professional matters with his counterpart.
The Vice Admiral DWAS Dissanayake joined Sri Lanka Navy in 1977.
Earlier this year, NEC (www.necel.com/usb/en/wusb) announced its [mu]PD720180 device wire adapter (DWA) that can service one upstream USB channel and four downstream USB channels, which makes it suitable for use in a wireless hub.
BATTLING BEDWAS: Llanelli's Justin James passes the ball, but it was Be dwas who triumphed in a tough encounter
Then L is in L(C-DWA) since L(C-DWA) is closed under rotation and [L.sub.half] [member of] L(C- DWA) by Proposition 5.2; on the other hand L is not in Snake-DREC for counting reasons similar to those used in Proposition 5.2.
Table 11 demonstrates that > 91% of the cohort had average daily weighted average (DWA) exposures > 2 [micro]g/[m.sup.3].