DWCRADevelopment of Women Children in Rural Areas (India)
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Prasad, Sujata (1997), "Experiences from DWCRA, Bihar", Ruddar Dutt (ed), Organizing the Unorganized Workers, Vikas Publishing, New Delhi
Malls will also contain DWCRA, MePMA and agricultural products that are local to the regions," said Naidu.
They complaint that DWCRA and farm loans were not waived by the state government as promised.
We have started DWCRA (Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas) groups for women empowerment.
Naidu likewise visited the stall on Solid Waste Management and also the stalls installed by Suguna Natural Foods, Panta-Sanjeevani, DWCRA Bazaar, Irrigation, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry departments.