DWDSDigitales Wörterbuch der Deutschen Sprache des 20. Jahrhunderts (German dictionary and corpus)
DWDSDefense Waste Disposal Safety
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Such a measurement site could be a permanent meteorological observatory, like the Richard-Assmann Observatory in Lindenberg (3) (near Berlin), operated by the DWD, or a so-called supersite, like Julich Observatory for Cloud Evolution Core Facility (4) (JOYCE-CF; in Julich, near Cologne) (Lohnert et al.
The DWD operates a large number of meteorological instruments and sensor networks.
Examples for newly developed satellite products in SAMD are the cloud thickness, which is a combination from DWD's ceilometer network and data from SEVIRI on MSG that is provided in a joint effort by the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research and the University of Cologne.
Muehlbauer, K., 2017: HD[(CP).sup.2] long term observations, rain rate data of DWD C-band Doppler radar network (no.
Schraff, 2008: Assimilation of radar-derived rain rates into the convective-scale model COSMO-DE at DWD. Quart.
Before the Hans-Ertel Centre was founded, the research cooperation between DWD and academia took place predominantly in individual research projects and through the provision of DWD tools and data along with advice on their use.
The DWD was reviewed in 2005 by the Wissenschaftsrat (Council of Science and Humanities), one of the leading independent science policy advisory bodies to the German government.
By law, DWD carries out research in meteorology and related disciplines in order to fulfill commitments at the national and international level and supports meteorological research outside of DWD.
The HErZ research groups, or branches, are led jointly by an academic scientist and a DWD scientist.
The HErZ research group leaders and a DWD science manager constitute the program management that is chaired by an elected speaker (Fig.