DWECSDanish Work Environment Cohort Study, 2000
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Physical activity at work was assessed by a question from DWECS with the following response categories: (1) "Mainly sedentary work," (2) "Mainly standing or walking work that is not strenuous," (3) "Standing or walking work with lifting/carrying tasks," (4) and "Heavy or fast strenuous work." For the analyses in the present study, response option 1 and 2 were collapsed and defined as "Light physical work," and options 3 and 4 as "Hard physical work."
Questionnaire survey data from DWECS were prospectively linked to DREAM by the unique personal identification number given to all Danish citizens at birth.
List of Abbreviation and Acronyms AGA: Agenda for Global Action BPR: Business process reengineering BSc: Bachelor of Science CI: Confidence interval DF: Degree of freedom DWECS: Danish work environment cohort study EU: European Union HRH: Human resource for health ICN: International Council of Nurses JUSH: Jimma University Specialized Hospital LPNs: Licensed practical nurse LR: Logistic regression MCH: Maternal and child health MSc: Master of Science OPD: Outpatient department QWLS: Quality of work life survey (Finnish) RN: Registered nurse SNNPR: South Nation Nationality People Region SPSS: Statistical package for social scientists SQLW: Survey on quality of life in the workplace (Spanish) SSA: Sub-Saharan Africa JUSRH: Jimma University Specialized Referral Hospital.
In order of descending geographic breadth, they were the State War Executive Committee (SWEC) at the state level, the Circle Executive War Council (CWEC) at the circle level, and the District War Executive Council (DWEC) at the district level.
It went into effect on June 1, 1950, and created state and district war executive committees (SWEC and DWEC) whose members made joint decisions and issued orders to subordinates through service chains of command to ensure complete integration of actions to support the civil power at all times
[49] Furthermore his effective if controversial method of resolving personality clashes in SWECs and DWECs was by threatening a mass sacking if those concerned failed to buck up.
Hence his extensive programme of face-to-face tours was not merely confined to SWECs and DWECs, but also reached the common people in the rural areas.