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DWEMDead White European Males (Stephen Jay Gould)
DWEMDevised Weight-Estimation Method
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For a multi-cultural audience of students, much is gained by the inclusion of a writer of color, for it at once lends status to the classic work of the DWEM while establishing the unique perspective of the African-American.
The focus of the argument is on DWEMs (Dead White European Males) and whether or not they should make up the core of a curriculum.
In his introduction to The Portable Blake, literary critic Alfred Kazin wrote that "Ludwig von Beethoven and William Blake were alike in the quality of their personal force, their defiance of the age, and the fierce demands each has made on the human imagination." True enough, but both Beethoven and Blake are DWEMs, so the key is to find in Blake a "handle" that will allow for horizontal integration.