DWFPDepartment of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (Mississippi)
DWFPDamning with Faint Praise
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DWFP has supported USDA's work on developing new repellent active ingredients derived from plants, spatial repellents based on chemicals in our own skin, and new clothing treatments that provide protection from bites through the cloth and on adjacent exposed skin.
Sponsored by DWFP, an ARS laboratory has produced a smartphone application that makes selection of equipment much easier for the operator in the field.
Initially, DWFP funds were to be used to bring together the skills of scientists at different ARS laboratories--starting with basic ideas that would end with registered products.
"We're strongest in discovery and have developed entirely new classes of insecticides out of the DWFP program," Strickman says.
Another laboratory instrumental to the DWFP program is the Invasive Insect Biocontrol and Behavior Laboratory in Beltsville.
Much of the DWFP research takes place in the Mosquito and Fly Research Unit at CMAVE, where research leader Gary Clark; entomologists Dan Kline, Jerry Hogsette, Chris Geden, and James Becnel; and Bernier evaluate insecticides in the later stages of development and design innovative technology to fight biting insects and other pests.
Livestock Insect Research Laboratory in Kerrville, Texas, joined the DWFP team to help find ways to kill sand flies.
With funds from the DWFP program, ARS hired Alexandra Chaskopoulou, a native of Greece and a postdoctoral research associate, who is examining sand fly populations that transmit leishmaniasis in her country.
Using funds from the DWFP program, ARS and the Interregional Research Project No.
More than 330 scientific papers have been published by researchers since the DWFP program began.