DWFSDisjunctive Well-Founded Semantics
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In this work, the thermodynamic properties and anharmonic effects of materials have been studied based on XAFS DWFs presented in terms of cumulant expansion up to the third order which includes dispersion relation containing more information on atomic vibrations taken from integration over the first BZ.
A suite of other range-height indicator (RHI) scans and plan position indicator (PPI) scans were used to evaluate the exact inflow direction of the DWFs and to study other phenomena such as cross-basin circulations during the morning and evening transition periods.
In the following, the evening development of the upstream surface-based inversion and drainage flow that then leads to the development of DWFs in the crater is summarized using IOP 4 as an example (Fig.
This may explain the intermittent character of the DWFs observed by Adler et al.
Between about 2230 and 0330 MST, that is, during the period when DWFs were observed in the crater, gusty winds of up to 4 m [s.sup.-1] and strong turbulence were evident near the surface downstream of the crater basin.
The second Meteor Crater Experiment (METCRAXII) was designed to study the nocturnal occurrence of downslope windstorm-type flows (DWFs) in the Meteor Crater basin.
The METCRAX II research program also includes a modeling component, which will look further at the formation of the DWFs at the Meteor Crater.
China has many possible motivations for expanding its DWF fleet.
China's DWF industry is heavily dependent on subsidies.
This includes "fishing without a license or quota for certain species, unauthorized transshipments to cargo vessels, failing to report catches or making false reports, keeping undersized fish or fish that are otherwise protected by regulations, fishing in closed areas or during closed seasons, and using prohibited fishing gear." (69) A Chinese-Bahamian bilateral agreement is particularly susceptible to IUU fishing given the notorious fishing practices of China's DWF and the Bahamas' inability to sufficiently monitor or enforce fishing regulations.
In a 2009 study, the Chinese DWF ranked 44 out of 53 countries in IUU fishing with an "unequivocally failing" score.
(74) The fact that only Bahamian citizens would be operating the fishing vessels is hardly consequential, considering Chinese DWF companies would manage the vessels' operations.