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DWLD-Link Wireless Lan
DWLDeadweight Loss (microneconomics)
DWLDrilling with Liner (energy)
DWLDisingenuous White Liberal
DWLDoppler Wind Lidar
DWLDying with Laughter
DWLDivided Word-Line
DWLDoctor Williams's Library (London, England, UK)
DWLDual-Wield (World of Warcraft gaming)
DWLDon't Write Letters! (Steven Den Beste blog)
DWLDerived Working Level
DWLDownward Looking
DWLDatum Waterline (watercraft design)
DWLDouble White Line
DWLDefense within Limits (insurance)
DWLDesigner's Waterline
DWLDetector-Window Length
DWLDesigned Load Waterline (engineering)
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According to recommendations from the ACSM for fluid replacement (Sawka et al., 2007; Thomas et al., 2016), weight loss during the familiarization session was considered to determine the fluid volume to be replaced in the DWL session.
DWL policies may heighten the need to send excess ad damnum letters [which explain the amount that can be recovered under a default judgment] to policyholders and convey the latter's right to engage separate counsel.
DWL: And how did this affect you and your idea of faith as a Muslim woman?
There is no Deadweight Loss, since the equilibrium is at the intersection of MSC and MSB, and the increase in NSB resulting from the imposition of the tax is $703.125, which was the size of the DWL in the unregulated equilibrium.
(13) DWL = PDV_TRF - {[A.sub.0](U.sub.MTT]) - [A.sub.0]([U.sub.NT]}.
Therefore, this article uses labor market data from 1931 to 1996 in the United States and United Kingdom to calculate the DWL of unemployment and then compares the estimates of DWL to the unemployment rate to determine how closely related inefficiency and unemployment are.
Additional decreases were seen when Maine lowered the DWL offender BAC level to zero.
(7) Overall, the net decline in national well-being is the triangle BAE, which is termed the deadweight loss (DWL) caused by the tax.
The Phoenix Public Library, designed by Will Bruder with DWL Architects and completed in 1995 (AR March 1996), is one of America's significant new public buildings of the past decade.
Consciousness raising was "the driving force," the heart and soul of DWL. By the mid-1970s at least forty CR groups, each with six to fifteen members, were active in Dayton.