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DWLSDriving While License Suspended
DWLSDruk White Lotus School (Ladakh, India)
DWLSDiagonally Weighted Least Squares
DWLSDenver Well Logging Society (Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts; Colorado)
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The DWLS works, not by printing in the conventional sense, but by effectively printing light in four dimensions The DWLS prints in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions, just like a regular printer, but can also vary the intensity of the light and control the orientation angle of the linear polarisation of the light.
One reason why the DWLS is unique is that it produces geometric phase holograms that are smoothly varying and can create complex patterns seamlessly--there are no dividing lines or pixels (unless they are actually desired).
Coherent airborne DWLs have also been used to explore the potential impact of future space-based lidars and to develop the necessary advanced signal processing and data interpretation algorithms (Emmitt et al.
Con el metodo DWLS se obtienen valores superiores a 0,98 y mediante ML varian entre 0,87-0,95 (modelos unifactoriales) y entre 0,90-0,97 (modelos bifactoriales).
For a given tax, the distribution of the effects on economic well-being and the size of the DWL depend on how much quantity demanded and quantity supplied respond to the change in price stemming from the tax.
MANOVA, canonical correlation analysis, DWLS interpolated surfaces and correlation matrices were calculated using SYSTAT/SYGRAPH, version 5.
As noted in Study 1, two methods of estimation were used to test the model: (a) ML, using a Pearson product moment correlation matrix; and (b) DWLS, using asymptotic variances with a combined polychoric, polyserial and product moment correlation matrix.
3 in the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), Carina Binene accused Dan Christian Villanueva, 29-- known to listeners of dwLS FM as Papa Dan--of blackmailing, harassing and spreading rumors about her 14-year-old daughter, an exclusive talent of GMA 7.
8 (Scientific Software International, 2006) utilizando DWLS (minimos cuadrados ponderados diagonalizados) como metodo de estimacion, puesto que los datos no cumplian con los requisitos necesarios para utilizar una estimacion por maxima verosimilitud (ML).
MIX 1: DWLS - Silent Angel - (White Label); AYU - The MEP - (VC Recordings); Kosheen - Catch - (Moshka)
This ULS estimator tends to provide more accurate estimates, standard errors, and goodness-of-fit tests than others such as WLS (weighted least squares) or DWLS (diagonally weighted least squares) (Forero, Maydeu-Olivares, & Gallardo-Pujol, 2009; Muthen, 1993).